Here's how travel insurance becomes your true friend abroad

Here's how travel insurance becomes your true friend abroad

Taren Matur

Imagine this: It's a beautiful day. You stroll around Champs Lys_es in Paris and enjoy the pleasant weather of beautiful cafes, shops hidden in corners, and lights cities. Random and common things like street robbery take away your passport, foreign exchange, mobile phone, self-confidence and spoil your perfectly planned vacation. At this moment, you don't have any money to take you back to your hotel. In a foreign country, you may not find a good Samaritan to help you. You may not know who else needs emergency cash. Not only that, but you also need to get new identity documents for yourself and quickly, otherwise you risk having to reschedule flights.

The nature of travel insurance products is to meet the needs of various tourists.

Every setback is accompanied by huge financial costs, which are incurred abroad. When you travel with your family, friends or colleagues, each cost increases many times, but it also increases mental distress and stress, causing harm to relatives. It is in this case that the travel insurance policy is insured for you, and a good international travel insurance policy on your kitten can help you face any accident that may bring you international travel. The cost of such insurance policies is only 3% of the total cost of the travel plan, while providing insurance for emergency medical and accident expenses, travel delays or reductions, luggage delays and losses, passport losses and a range of other benefits abroad. To meet your needs, customized travel insurance policies are essential when traveling abroad, especially when budgets are tight, to provide financial insurance for your budget to help pay for emergency expenses. Whether traveling alone with friends, family, or on short-term or long-term trips abroad, travel insurance products can protect you from the economic impact of world volatility. Let's look at some scenarios where your travel insurance can help ease the pressure of an emergency financial burden during a vacation abroad.

Medical emergencies can occur at any time, proving to be a traumatic experience for all of us, not to mention the financial burden of sudden illnesses or accidents abroad. When the situation worsens and medical expenses are incurred, whether in-patient or out-patient, these expenses are usually eventually calculated in Indian currency, with an average cost of Rs. 26,000 per inpatient. Popular tourist and commercial destinations such as the United States, Britain, Australia and Germany provide the best medical services in the world, but diagnostic tests and medical or surgical costs are also very high. In the United States, a simple test, such as an X-ray examination of a finger, ultimately costs no less than $100, and customers pay as much as $1,000 for an X-ray examination. Hospitalization and outpatient consultation are expensive. It turns out that every form of interaction with the medical department consumes your wallet. The total cost of a foot sprain, including 10 minutes of counseling, diagnosis and medication, can range from $500 to $2500. One trip to the emergency room in the United States can add up to $1,000 in medical costs. In addition, most Indian health insurance policies do not cover expenses incurred abroad or have very different, longer or more complex claims procedures when accepting claims from abroad. Here, your travel insurance policy for overseas travel will play a key role in helping you pay consultation fees, diagnostic fees, ambulance fees, evacuation fees, daily allowances, family members or relatives'visits during your stay, as well as providing you with cashless services. In addition to these regular benefits, some insurance companies also provide insurance for emergency dental expenses borne abroad, so that simple toothache does not destroy holidays. Finally, in order to encourage travelers with past diseases to travel abroad freely, some insurance companies also provide medical insurance related to past diseases.

Losing your passport while on vacation abroad will bring bad luck to the vacation you deserve and will require additional costs to reissue expensive emergency travel identity cards and to reschedule your tickets for upcoming trips. In this case, you can contact the insurance company's service desk for help on how to submit police complaints, where the nearest police station may be, where the local Indian embassy may be, and how to issue emergency travel documents. You can also apply for a claim to cover some of the costs that this process may incur. In this case, many travel insurance companies also bear unused travel arrangement costs and additional transportation costs.

Passengers who travel to multiple destinations on complex trips and take intermodal flights face a significant increase in the risk of baggage loss or delays. It usually takes time to track misplaced baggage and reroute it to the appropriate destination. If you find yourself in such an unstable situation, your travel insurance will come to your rescue and pay you a pre-approved amount to help you pay for basic items purchased when your baggage is delayed or for replacement of basic items when your checked baggage is lost.

At the last minute, illness, bad weather, personal emergencies, premature death of a loved one, loss of a passport or misplacement are some situations in which you may have to postpone or cancel your trip. In addition to such additional costs that may result from delays or cancellations, such as last minute accommodation, catering and air ticket replacement, cancellations of airline tickets and hotel reservations at the last minute are usually non-refundable, thus increasing considerable financial expenditure. If the trip is cancelled or delayed, it may result. A separate travel insurance scheme provides monetary compensation in this case. If you cancel your trip due to terrorist attacks or natural reasons, your travel insurance will also be very convenient.

You must invest the necessary time to purchase customized independent travel insurance to cope with unforeseen events and ensure that your purchase policy meets your needs. Spending a few minutes on travel insurance can help insure you against devastating financial costs. Insurance companies usually also have a 24*7 service desk to provide you with information and help whenever possible, especially when they are most needed in your life.

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